Lycka and Vilde shared the responsebility when they both had puppies, only two days apart (the summer 2000).


Two boys from the 'Barske' litter (Lycka and N.S.Uch NV-99 Trientalis Orfeus "Jeppe")


Vilde AND foxforest formula one "kimi" was mated june the 8th and 9th 2003:

Vilde Foxforest Formula One "Kimi"  

August the 7th 2 females and 2 males were born.


Terra Polar's Effektive Ozzy and Yogi

Terra Polar's Effektive Ozzy




Terra Polar's Djerve Tina was in may mated with  N.Uch Borderhouse Ronnie jr. Junior is imported from Denmark and is owned by  Anne Tove Strande. Tina has 2 x certificates from shows . 25 of juli  the  Freske-litter were born; 2 females and 3 males.

Terra Polar's Djerve Tina

N.Uch Borderhouse Ronnie jr.

5 days

5 days



8 uker

8 uker





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