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The Border Terrier is an English terrier which originates from the border areas between England and Scotland. It was originally used exclusively for borrow hunting. It was often used with Fox Hounds during the fox hunt. The Border's task was to bolt the fox from the earth. The fox was further chased by the riders and their numerous Fox Hounds. Each hunting team usually had a couple of Border Terriers.

The breed can, with certainty, be traced back to the 1750's, but the name did not come about until late in the 19th century. The breed was accepted by the English Kennel Club as late as 1920.

The Ataraxi litter

Typical breed features

The breed standard describes a breed that is mainly a burrow dog that is able to follow a rider and his horse a whole day. This to define precisely that it is a hunting dog.

The head is shaped in a way that resembles an otter.

The size is described by the ability to 'span' the dog. This means to be able to reach around the body, behind the shoulders, with both hands. If you can do this, the dog has the correct size for working in a narrow burrow.

Line running with border terriers


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