A few years ago we decided to get a Border. We were looking for a small, active breed that could join us on hunting trips, so it also had to be sturdy, but mainly it had to be a good family dog. We looked at several breeds, but soon settled for a border.

There were no available puppies in Norway at the time ('95), so we ended up purchasing a bitch from Kennel Tallarna in Sweden. The breeder gave the puppy the name 'Tallaran's Lycka Till' (good luck), as she meant it needed some, living with Alaskan Malamutes.



After a while we wanted another Border, and again we got a puppy from Sweden: Axbor Invesco ('Tell', b. '97)

Tell managed to become N. Uch before we lost him in a badger set. He was two years old.

Olav and Tell


In '97 Lycka was mated with Int.Nord.Dk Uch, NJ(g)Ch NV-95,96,Nord.V-98 Foxforest Flying Colours, and we kept two puppies, Terra Polar's Ataraxi Robin and Terra Polar's Ataraxi Vilde.

Robin is N.Uch and has 2 x CACIB

Vilde has three 'small' certificates and was BIS at the first Open Show arranged for Borders in Norway in '99.

Robin Vilde


We also kept Vilde's only puppy with Int.Nord Uch FinJ(G)Ch SV-97 NordV-99 Ottercap Too Good To Be True.

His name is Terra Polar's Coole Wilmer, born in the summer of 2000.


 Wilmer joined his first burrow competition the summer of 2002 that resulted in first price and a certificate. Wilmer's fourth and last competition for the season '02 again resulted in first price and a certificate. In addition he became the best dog of the competition.

In 2003 Wilmer got two times 1 price with certificate, and he got the title Norwegian Hunting Champion. This year he was number 4 on the list of the best burrow terriers of the year.

In 2004 Wilmer did not join any competitions, but in 2005  got these results : Elverum 23.7 : number 2, 1 price with  certification,   Frogn 27.8 : Winner of the competition, 1 price with certificate,  Hølen 4.9 : Norwegian Championship;  number 3, 1 price. Also this year he was number 4 on the list of the best burrow terriers of the year.

In 2006 Wilmer was Norwegian Champion ( exhibition).

He joined 2 burrow competitions this year with these results : Frogn 17.6 :1 price  with certification, winner of the competition (15 dogs). Judge:  Thrond Roxrud,   Frogn 02.09 : Norwegian Championship. Number 2. 1 price. with certification ( 15 dogs)   Judge: : Steinar Waage

So far in  2007  Wilmer has joined  2 burrow- competitions:  Frogn 7.7 : 1 price  with certification, winner of the competition ( 4 dogs). Judge: Thrond Roxrud,  Elverum 21.7 : 1 price with certification, winner of the competition, ( 29 dogs).  Judge: Thrond Roxrud

Judge Thrond Roxrud together with Wilmer and Olav in Elverum. Photo : Raymond Bråten.


Terra Polar's Coole Wilmer, 2 years old


Terra Polar's Djerve Tina was born in the summer of 2001.

Her mother is Terra Polar's Ataraxi Vilde, the father N.Uch Atterbom So Far So Good.

She has 2 x certificates from exhibitions.


Terra Polar's Djerve Tina, 1 year old



We have also kept two of  Tina's puppies ; Jerv and Frøy. They were born in  july 2004

Father is  N Uch Borderhouse Ronnie Jr, owned by Anne Tove Strande.

Terra Polar's Freske Frøy, 8months

Terra Polar's Freske Jerv, 8months

Frøy has joined several shows, and she has two certifications so far.


In  2006 Wilmer  was mated with Grimastegen's Maia, and 6 puppies were born. A female from this litter moved to our home: 

Skålafjellet's Terra Nova.

Nova 11 weeks old

6 months old together with daddyWilmer

Nova has got her first certification on  dog-show.



Tell elk hunting


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